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Professional France In Paris: The story of a Passion

A few key dates for France In and her company Professional France In Paris with its multiple facets :

1976 : Studied dermatology with a doctor from Saint-Louis Hospital for three years.

1978 : Opening of her first hair salon in Paris

1982 : After four years of intense preparation for " Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" competition, the President of France awards 29 year old France In the prestigious and much coveted title at the Sorbonne.

1982 : Development of her first range of cosmetics.

2006 : Opening of a vast luxury space for her clientele and the training of professionals next to the Place de l'Étoile in Paris.

2007 : Crowning thirty years devoted to professional training, the president of the French Chamber of Trades awards France In with the title of " Master Artisan ".

2008 : Organisation of a new sustainable development strategy.

2009 : Launches five new cosmetic ranges, two of which are made with 100% wild plants

At the Paris Mondial de Coiffure in 2010, a jury of hairdressing professionals awards "France In Paris" the prize for :



France In Paris has the use of three laboratories :

- A laboratory for manufacturing shampoos and creams  (balms, capillary masks…), located in the midst of the volcanos in Auvergne.

- A laboratory for packaging products (shampoos, balms, capillary masks….), located in the Paris region.

- A laboratory for manufacturing and packaging products in lyophilized matter (plant-based coloring, cataplasms…), located in the Paris region.

Following many years of work and research in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biological scientists and well as those concerned with regulatory affairs and quality, France In now wants to enable professionals to share her expertise and use "our" plant-based colors in their salons and this way let their clientele benefit from them..

The originality and the strength of the professional range is that it has been : "thought up and designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers". Furthermore, for several years now our products have been used daily in the "France In Paris" salon, as well as by the hairdressers who have joined our community.


The "France In Paris Plant-based Coloring" is the key to a successful color through :

- A natural plant-based care program, before the color

- A unique and complete range of colors « 100% PLANT, 100% NATURAL »

- Quality products achieved thanks to the exceptional power and pigments of plants

This concept is the result of a Unique know-how Without Parallel; the result of more than forty years of professional hairdressing activity and continuous research in colorimetry.

Meilleure Ouvrière de France
Maitre Artisan Coiffeur-Visagiste-Coloriste
Coloration végétale 100% naturelle